Pay as Agreed, and Then Some:
Pay your service provider what he originally asked for, and if you are happy with the experience, go ahead and leave a tip, too.

All escorts and masseurs will tell you what they expect in pay, before you meet them. So don't make them ask you for money. Leave the agreed moneys/fees on the dresser, bed, coffee table, etc. Leave it in plain view, and expect the service provider to count it. Wouldn’t you, if your positions were reversed?

The idea of "not tipping the owner of a business" does not apply here. Above everything else, this is a service-based industry. Even if he absolutely loves what he is doing, he is still working hard to please you. With a variety of clients, it truly is work, what with anticipating each individual’s likes and dislikes. You should ALWAYS tip your service provider, even if it is a minor amount, unless his service was truly awful. The fact is that everyone likes to be told they are doing a great job, and this gesture, even if only ten or twenty dollars, communicates that message. A GENEROUS CLIENT IS NOT FORGOTTEN.

You may have heard that “T.I.P.” is an acronym for “To Insure Promptness”, but it can also mean “To Insure P_ _ _ _”. What could the "P" stand for? Hmmmm. It should be obvious. A good tipper naturally gains PRIORITY when he or she wants another appointment!

However you T.I.P., realize that tipping will undoubtedly result in a better time for you. And for most people, that's what it's all about.