(Who is Lars?)

I am a retired escort, who worked for seven years in the industry. I am a happily married man, and yes, during that time, my wife knew what I did. I began escorting when we were living in Los Angeles. In those days, we were short on cash. I had been approached by a couple of men who were in the film industry, who offered to pay me for spending time with them. I spoke with my wife about this prospect, and we decided that it was worth a try. I ended up enjoying myself with the guys who hired me. Within a year I had tapped into a Hollywood scene, and had some well-known actors, producers and directors who bought my time. When my wife and I relocated to the East Coast for her work, I started up shop again, but moved into other projects in 2008.

People who have been on this site sometimes ask to hire me. However, I am no longer escorting. I am no longer taking clients. If you want to hire someone like me, consider the escorts that I think well of- their names are listed at the top of this site.

Although I am not working in this field anymore, I am committed to this industry: I see it as a necessary part of the societal structure. As such, I created this advice site to help those who are unsure on how to go about hiring an escort or masseur.

I hope it helps you.